The ICT Unit is primarily responsible for planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the development, installation, configuration, and maintenance of the school’s information and communication technology facilities and systems.


The Information and Communication Technology Coordinator is primarily responsible for the management and coordination of activities related to the installation, configuration, and maintenance of the school’s information and communication technology facilities and systems.


  1. Set up and maintain workgroup in-charge accounts for institutional network servers as well as user accounts for the operation of network servers.
  2. Manage and evaluate information systems development in the areas of systems analysis and design, programming and implementation.
  3. Develop, submit for approval, and implement policies and procedures related to the use of computerization and information and communication technology in the operations of the school and monitor adherence by the school constituents to such guidelines.
  4. Plan the development, operation and security of the integrated computer network infrastructure and ensure the undertaking of periodic inspection of the network’s components to ascertain their security and stability.
  5. Coordinate the consolidation of management information systems data and make them available for use by officers and employees in both academic and administrative departments subject to guidelines on access authorization.
  6. Ensures the security of software, programs, and management information data.
  7. Evaluate and recommend changes in the basic structure and current network requirements to meet the school's needs.
  8. Oversee the research, testing and evaluation of information and communication technology products and programs.
  9. Evaluate proposals from information technology suppliers and third party integrators regarding the technical and economic feasibility of and the practicability of their implementation in the school.
  10. Review and evaluate requests for computer equipment and peripherals to ensure that standard specifications are maintained and that optimum quantity of hardware resources are maintained and coordinate with the supplier, purchasing supervisor, and the head of the requesting unit/ department regarding technical specifications for major ICT hardware acquisitions.
  11. Manage the deployment, maintenance, repairs, support and upgrade of servers, desk-top and lap-top personal computers, hardware, software, operating systems, and distributed printers.
  12. Respond to systems and software development needs of other work units by directing the actual design, development, and programming or the provision of guidance in the acquisition of existing programs.
  13. Plan, develop and implement the school's intranet, web-based applications, software inventory and control, and ICT help desk requirements and ensure adherence of the school with licensing agreements on the use of acquired software and computer programs.
  14. Provide computer literacy programs for employees of the school, advisory and consultory services to faculty members on the development of computer-aided instructions and in the development of IT-based instructional materials, technical support and advisory services to network users, technical and operational support to the academic departments on the maintenance and operations of computer laboratories.
  15. Network with similar Institutions, foundations, and professional organizations to establish collaboration for information exchange, referrals, and joint projects.
  16. Submit to VPSS periodic reports on the operations and activities of the work unit with corresponding analysis and recommendations.
  17. Supervise and control planned and intervening activities of ICT staff concerning the performance of their job functions and completion of task assignments in accordance with prescribed standards, in the process providing motivational approaches, training and development, coaching, and counseling.
  18. Perform other tasks as may be assigned.



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