The Campus Ministry implements all Christian Formation Programs directed to the formation of a truly Catholic School Community and the animation of its sacramental and prayer life. Its Coordinator guides the worship life of the school by providing interesting liturgical and sacramental activities, which make their participation in worship alive and active.

The key roles of the Campus Ministry are:
1. Makes available the sacraments, liturgy, prayer, pastoral counseling and other religious activities for the spiritual formation of the different sectors in the school.
2. Encourages the living out of the Christian message through meaningful liturgical celebrations, Basic Ecclesial Communities, prayer meetings, recollections, retreats, symposia, and other forms of ministries leading the school community to a deeper and lively faith.
3. Explores different ways to develop and sustain a praying community and inculcate love of prayer through religious organizations, campus ministry club, and bulletin boards display.
4. Prepares the liturgy and other Para-liturgical services including the things necessary for the celebration and find ways to invigorate the liturgy and attract participation of the school community.
5. Mobilizes students in the preparation of poster and displays to inform the school community of current feasts, relevant issues and Church concerns.
(Reference: SPCEA Christian Formation Manual)

The Campus Ministry provides apostolic services to the entire College community through:
1. Teaching God's word
2. Celebrating the liturgy
3. Caring for the youth through counseling/spiritual guidance.






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