At the completion of the Elementary course, the Paulinian will be able to:

1. witness in his daily life a dynamic love of God, growing actively, responsive to the needs of others thus enable him to relate harmoniously and effectively at home, school and community.
2. develop his total formation and recognize the uniqueness of his contribution in building a Christian Community through assiduous bible study, reflection and prayer and meet the demands of the changing times.
3. become an active participant in civic affairs and enrich his life through an appreciation, preservation and love of national and cultural heritage.
4. live up to his dignity as a child of God, equipped with necessary skills in his own level of development imbued with moral and spiritual values and to be of service to others especially to the deprived.
5. develop self-discipline, be warm, active, simple and appreciative of the fines and noble things in life.
6. form a well-directed Paulinian, who like St. Paul the Apostles, will continuously and consistently share in the mission of proclaiming Jesus Christ as the Good News to all men.
7. become make-Dioys, maka-tao, maka-kalikasan, maka-buhay in daily life situation.
8. develop necessary academic and aesthetic skills to prepare him for the General Secondary Course.



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