St. Paul College Library, a learning center which caters to research and instructional needs of the faculty, staff and students, has grown through the years.
The Library System is organized into two service areas: Readers Services and Technical Services.

Readers service Area – is composed of (7) sections. These are:
Control Section
Reserve Section
Reference Section
Filipiniana Section
Circulation Section
Faculty Section
Periodicals Section


1. Office Hours:
Monday to Friday 8:00 – 12:00 am
1:00 – 5:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 – 12:00am
2. Students should present his or her ID upon entering the library.
3. Bags, folders, envelopes or attaché cases should be left at the cabinets in the library.
4. Students must have their things checked by the librarian before leaving the library.
5. Students not in uniform are not allowed to enter the library except on Saturdays
Alumni and non – alumni clientele shall be admitted upon payment of the library fee. They are required to observe library rules.
7. Students wearing slippers and short pants are not allowed to enter the library especially during Saturdays. Elementary and High School students must present their school ID upon entering the library.
8. Reserved books are to be read in the library only for one hour renewable for another hour provided there is no standing request for the same book for the next hour.
9. Reserved books may be borrowed for overnight use at 4:00 pm and be returned not later than 8:00 am the following day.
10. For weekend use, reserved books may be taken out at 4:00 pm on Friday and returned at 8:00am on Monday.
11. Lending one's books borrowed from the library to friends and classmates are strictly prohibited.
12. Library users may pick up the books that they want to borrow or browse from the shelves without having to ask the student assistant but should not attempt to shelve them to avoid being misplaced.
13. Books are to be used properly. Tearing, writing on them or using them as writing boards are to be avoided. Mutilation of any library material is prohibited.
14. Courtesy must be practiced at all times in the library.
15. Eating, sleeping, littering, talking, discussing and smoking are not allowed in the library.
16. SILENCE must be observed strictly at all times.
17. Overdue books are charged a fine of P5.00 per title per day.
Students may borrow a maximum of 2 books for three days subject to renewal if not demand.

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