SPCIS upgrades ID, now “High-Tech”
By Kim Tagorda
St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur continues global standards competency as it recently made breakthrough regarding a more technologically advanced ID. This said “new” ID is equipped with electronic Cash, Electronic Broadcasting System, Attendance Monitoring System, Integrated Grading System and Performance Evaluating System.

The electronic cash is the advanced way of paying at the canteen. ID card holders will be able to load allowances at the Finance Office, these allowance will become ‘money within the ID’ and can be used only at the canteen. On the other hand, the E-broadcasting system will enable parents, faculty, staff and administration to monitor the entrance and exit from the school campus. It can also be used to disseminate information, announcements and inquiries. The attendance monitoring is for the students’ entry and exit of the campus. A text message will be generated and forwarded to students’ parents on their child’s whereabouts. Students’ grades can also be accessed, as well as evaluation forms, through the integrated Grading System and Performance Evaluating System, respectively.


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