Excerpts of Broadway Musical: King and I, Annie and Sound of Music
“A Showcase of Paulinians’ Giftedness”
By:  Carmela Claire Salvatera & Sherlene Joy Adviento

King and I
This extraordinary musical is based on the 1944 novel Anna and the King of Siam by Margaret Landon and derives from the memoirs of Anna Leonowens, who became the governess to the children of King Mongkut of Siam.  The King and I is a universal and entertaining musical with an essential message of globalization and women’s issues.  The King and I is indeed one of a kind because unlike all the other musicals, it does not have love as its main theme but rather it was all about East meeting West.  Anna Leonowens was played by Mrs. Maui Vinluan and the King was played by Mr. Neri Miguel.

The play showcased the talents of the parents, teachers, and the students.  The outfits showed creativity and emphasized diversity not only in the dresses of the people from the East and West but also of their culture and views.

The sun’ll come out tomorrow, so you gotta hang on till tomorrow, come what may!  Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya, Tomorrow! You’re always a day away.”

Who could ever forget this song sung by a spunky little orphan?  The play revolves around the lfe of an 11 year-old red head orphan named Annie who never loses her optimism and always hopes that she could find her real parents.  She finds her way out of the miserable, shabby orphanage ran by the alcoholic Miss Hannigan, who ironically hates children.  Together with the help of Oliver Warbucks, the Billionaire who opens his home and his heart to the young orphan, they search coast to coast for her parents only to find out in the end that the person whom they need the most were always at their side.

The characters who portrayed the roles in the play gave more life to the musical.  The young Annie for the said play was portrayed by Naida Julianne while Mr. Apolinario Riotoc played the role of Mr. Oliver Warbucks.

It was very inspiring to watch fresh talents as they bloom on stage.  The costumes used gave more delight to the audience watching.

Sound of Music
Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do..
The Sound of Music is a story about a young postulant named Maria who was failing on her attempts to become a nun.  The Sound of Music is indeed a very interesting story and is definitely one of kind.  It is a story about how important music is in our life and how it brings us to another world we never imagined we could experience.  The character of Maria was portrayed by Mrs. Frances Alcantara.  Captain Georg Von Trapp was played by Mr. Francisco Ayala.

The unfailing support of the parents and alumni who also took part in this endeavor was overwhelming.  Seven years ago, Lauriz Monica Chan, a High School senior, portrayed the role of Liesl, the eldest of Captain Von Trapp’s children in the said play.  Seven years later, she came back to her beloved Alma Mater and involved herself in this activity one more time.  She again took her starring role as Liesl.

The Paulinian Community is undeniably renowned for its amazing performances in the field of the performing arts most especially in theater.  Last February 18, 2011, the Paulinian Family Circle, SPCIS Alumni Association in partnership with St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur once again staged a one of a kind show – Excerpts of Broadway Musicals: The King and I, Annie, and Sound of Music.  Once again, Paulinians proved that no one could ever outshine them in staging spectacular plays.

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