1. Students who dropped out of school for malfeasance or personal reasons may be re-admitted to the school upon submission of:

a. sacramental marriage contract (church) for those who changed status;

b. medical certificate for those who were ill; and

c. clearance from the SA Coordinator for those dropped for disciplinary reasons.

2 Students seeking admission/re-admission to the School with pending criminal cases will not be accepted.

3 Any student who has a pending case with the Student Disciplinary Board will not be re-admitted for the next term or until such case has been decided on.

4 Undersized classes may be opened upon the approval of the VP for Academic Services.

5 Late enrollees will pay a surcharge as determined by the Finance Office.

6 After the final enrollment schedule a student may with the approval of the Dean concerned, change subject(s) by filling up the prescribed form and paying the corresponding service charge. All changes must be reported to the Registrar and the Finance Office for proper adjustment.



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