> Form 138-A
> Birth, baptismal and confirmation certificate (Xerox copies)
> Certificate of Good Moral Character
> Test results of qualifying examinations prescribed by the CHED and Saint Paul College of Ilocos Sur.
> Police, NBI CFI Clearance may also be asked on special cases.
> Church Marriage contract (for married students)
> Other certificates prescribed by the CHED (e.g. Nursing)
> ID pictures (4 copies 1x1)
> A long brown envelop.


> Transferees during their first and second year in the University may be admitted on probationary basis upon submission of the following credentials:

> Honorable dismissal from the school last attended
> Birth, Baptismal and Confirmation certificates (Xerox copies)
> Certificate of Good Moral Character
> Interview for Recommendation with the Dean
> Results of entrance examination from the Guidance Office.
> Church Marriage contract (if married)
> ID pictures (4 copies 1x1)
> A long brown envelope


> Entry of foreign students is covered by Executive Order (EO) 285 dated September 4, 2000.
> Transcript of Records/Scholastic Records duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign
> Service Post (PFSP) located in the student—applicant's country of origin.
> Notarized Affidavit of Support
> Photocopy of student—applicant's letter authenticated by the PFSP
> 5 copies of the student's Personal History Statement (PHS)
> ID pictures 4 copies 1x1
> A long brown envelope


> Cross enrollees are required to submit a certification of permission from the Registrar or the Dean of his/her Mother school.


> Students enjoying government or privately extended education benefits shall be enrolled only upon the submission of their certificates of eligibility in addition to the general admission requirements. Students without the proper certification may be asked to pay for their school fees to be refunded when the school receives the corresponding amount due from the grantor.


> Married students may be admitted for enrolment on condition that they meet all admission requirements and submit a copy for their sacramental marriage contract (church).


> A student may shift from one course to another as a result of academic advising and upon the recommendation of the Dean. In any case where he/she expresses his/her own volition to change course, counseling is recommended. He/She obtains a shifting form from the Registrar's Office and accomplishes them in triplicate before he/she is allowed to enroll in the desired new program.

> In no case shall a student be allowed to shift from one course to another for more than two (2) times unless upon the recommendation of the Dean and the final approval of the VP for Academic Services.

> Re-admission Guidelines for Old Students who did not obtain an Honorable Dismissal.

> Students who dropped for personal reason may be re-admitted to college upon submission of;
(church) sacramental marriage contract for those who changed status; clean bill of health for those who were physically indisposed; and clearance from the Director for Student Affairs for those who dropped for disciplinary reasons.




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