The St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur seal with its various symbols was adopted from the coat of arms of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres who founded the School and other Paulinian schools.

The School Motto

Our school motto is Caritas Christi Urget Nos or The Charity of Christ Impels Us. This ideal has fired the zeal of countless SPC Sisters to cross the vast waters and to establish Paulinian schools all over the world.

The School Colors

Green and Gold are the official colors of all Paulinian educational institution.
Green symbolizes life, hope, and newness.  It stands for dynamism, initiative, innovation and the willingness to blaze new trails.
Gold symbolizes integrity, wholesome interpersonal relationships, excellence, and the glory of God. For the Paulinian, it stands for honesty, uprightness, and the constant striving for what is excellent, true and good, especially for the Ultimate Good – God Himself.

Red, White, and Blue, colors of the Philippine flag, symbolize patriotism or love of country. The tricolor also recalls the flag of France, country of origin of the SPC Congregation, inviting fidelity to the Paulinian tradition as taught and exemplified by the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres. 

Specifically, Red is for courage, readiness for sacrifice, and the tranquil daring to face every challenge; White is for purity and simplicity, compassion and single-mindedness in the pursuit of the Holy; Blue is for humility and forgiveness, justice and peace, and for the devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.

The Symbols

The Sword in the seal is the Gospel that cuts both ways – inviting to conversion from the old life to commitment to the values of Christ. For the Paulinian, it stands for fortitude and discipline to face the challenge of continuing renewal, giving up one’s old ways to be a new man in Christ.

The Book stands for knowledge and wisdom, for the skills, values, attitudes, and competencies which the Paulinian seeks to acquire.

The Lamp means light, witness, service. It is symbolic of a life that benefits others, that witnesses to Christ and the values of the Gospel.

The Laurel Leaf signifies triumph. It is a reminder of the Christocentric-Paschal Spirituality and challenges every Paulinian to accept and endure the pains that is our share in the sufferings of Christ so we could share in His victory.

The Wavy Lines are the waters of the sea that signify readiness to go where mission calls and the tranquil daring to face what is difficult and unknown. It also stands for Ilocos Sur where the School is located and whose people it is committed to serve. 

1905, the date of the school’s foundation, shows the historical distance traversed by the school from its beginnings as Rosary College and the stability and unchanging quality of its commitment.



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