Christ-centered, Com-mission, Community, Charism, Charity
The Paulinian shares in the unique history and traditions of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres marked by a Christocentric-paschal spirituality, commitment to mission, service to community through its defined charism, urged on by Charity for God and to men.


CHRIST-CENTERED – Christ is the CENTER of a Paulinian’s  life; s/he follows and imitates Christ, doing everything in reference to Him.

COM-MISSION – the Paulinian has a mission  - a LIFE PURPOSE to spread the Good News; like Christ, s/he actively works  “to save” this world, and to make it a better place.

COMMUNITY – the Paulinian is a RESPONSIBLE FAMILY MEMBER and CITIZEN, concerned with building communities, promotion of peoples, justice and peace, and the protection of the environment.

CHARISM – the Paulinian develops his/her GIFTS/TALENTS to for the service of the community, s/he strives to grow and improve daily, always seeking the better and finer things, and the Final Good.

CHARITY – urged on by the LOVE OF CHRIST, the Paulinian is warm, loving, hospitable and “all to all”, especially to the underprivileged.



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