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In St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur, Department Of Nursing focuses to provide quality education and connection to Jesus.



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Statement of philosophy

The Nursing Program as a sub-system of St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur (SPCIS), a Catholic, Filipino and Paulinian institution of learning, subscribes to overall and basic philosophy and objectives of the college. The philosophy is enunciated in the principles, ideals and tradition, which have inspired, guided and directed the Program in the Mission Education.

The administration and faculty of the Nursing Program believe that:

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Man is a free dynamic bio-psycho-spiritual being with basic human needs and constantly evolving towards his ultimate goal, union with the Lord and Creator.

He exists in the community and so possesses basic rights and responsibilities.

He is in constant interaction with his physical and social environment as he moves towards the total integration of his being.

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Christian Education is process that facilitates the integration of the total man through instruction and discipline based on the teachings of Christ.

It helps the individual build Christian values into the dynamic realities of life so that he thinks, judges and acts in consonance with the Gospel values. It is the effect of the educators own continuous self-integration without which integration of others hindered. The characteristic of this education emphasizes the value of life, the dignity of human person, respect for human rights, freedom and service of others.

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Nursing offers a unique opportunity to contribute towards the total integration of individuals.

Nursing is a dynamic caring, teaching and healing process aimed at promoting the optimum health of the individual in family and community. Nursing is committed to meeting the communities` health needs utilizing knowledge, attitudes and skills (KAS) through the following roles:



The goal of the SPCIS Nursing Program is to facilitate the development of Catholic Filipino Professional Nurse who integrated within himself the essential foundations of his religious, cultural, scientific liberal perspective with that of the profession giving evidence of committed leadership in the health situation of the community where he lives. He continues to grow personally and professionally through further graduate studies and research.

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Co-Curricular & Extra-Curricular Activites

What makes this workshop so incredible, it is the fact that it is not just a class, it is a life changing empowerment course. It is time to put an end to this epidemic that is plaguing our school system and impacting our learners each and every day.


The BSN Graduate of SPCIS is expected to

Demonstrate in his daily life

a deep sense of God witnessing through his critical consideration of human issues and sense of justice and truth wherever he may be.

Show pride

in his Filipino cultural heritage and national identity.

Function effectively

at the first level position in any nursing setting.

Utilize the Nursing Process

in performing his responsibilities.

Participate effectively

in Primary Health Care through interdisciplinary working relationship aimed at promotion of the community's health.

Manifest self-direction

in his personal and professional life.

Assume responsibility for continuing development

in his role as an active participant in the Nursing Professional through graduate study and research.

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) are caring, compassionate, innovative, proactive and competent Paulinian Professional Nurses

Inspired by HEALING MINISTRY OF CHRIST with Mary as our Model.


A group of professionals, helping your dreams to make happen.​

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