St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur (SPCIS), a Catholic educational institution, recognizes that the current COVID-19 crisis presents various challenges characterized by uncertainty, ambiguity, and fear.  However, the school will continue its mission to provide quality education while taking care of the safety and overall well-being of its constituents regardless of the constraints we are facing now.

With the primary goal of producing students who are:

SPCIS offers HOPE (Holistic Outcomes-based Paulinian E-learning) which provides diverse learning delivery modes to ensure that NO STUDENT IS LEFT BEHIND.

HOPE is anchored in the school’s mission to provide quality Paulinian education that promotes academic excellence and holistic formation through innovations built on Paulinian Core values. Whether synchronous, blended, or home-based, the school is committed to principles of authentic learning and inquiry, student engagement, and collaborative learning. HOPE is a dynamic approach to our rapidly changing context, faithful to St. Paul’s ideal of CARITAS CHRISTI URGET NOS!

HOPE includes ONLINE DISTANCE LEARNING and MODULAR LEARNING as learning delivery modes. This will ensure that teachers will have ample time to hold live sessions with students and do check-ins, and at the same time provide them with enough room to do activities and tasks on their own. This also addresses the issue of screen time, and bandwidth or connectivity issues.

The purpose of this program is to continuously provide quality Catholic education to all students of St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur by catering to their needs and learning modalities applicable to them.

The traditional Monday to Friday face to face classes are revitalized with other innovative teaching learning such that all the Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs) mandated by the Department of Education and the Most Essential Learning Outcomes that Paulinian schools set for all its students are met.

All faculty members are undergoing various In-Service Trainings to learn and master ways and means as to how the mentioned modalities are to be delivered effectively and efficiently.  There will also be orientations and capacity building for parents and guardians to prepare them for their new role and responsibilities that they will do. SPCIS strengthens its commitment to open the school year, embracing the challenges and opportunities in these trying times. Operational complications are expected along the way.  However, we would like to assure everyone that we will observe all the guidelines of the Department of Health and the Inter Agency Task Force on COVID-19, on whether the risks classification in the locality will allow face-to-face attendance in schools, or not.

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