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Days before the election, St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur conducts the Webinar on Fake
News and Role of Media in Elections last April 30, 2022 via Zoom and the SPCIS Facebook

Mr. Don Dave Del Rosario Ventura, Supervising Producer of GMA Network
Incorporated, discussed the basics about misinformation and disinformation, as well as the
crucial role of media in advocating truth during the election period.

The session included two parts consisting of inputs on the characteristics of fake news
and sources of true and accurate information, and the role of media in elections.

During the health break, a short quiz or trivia was given to the audience both in Zoom
and the SPCIS Facebook Page.

webinar on fake news1

“St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur, as a Catholic institution with a mission of spreading the
good news, conducts this webinar for two reasons: first, to help its stakeholders recognize the
importance of identifying fake news and stop its spread; and second, to present the importance
of media in elections.” Ms. Katrina Joy Naval, the OIC Vice President for Academics, said to set
the perspective of the activity.

Attendees to the webinar included SPCIS employees, Grades 10 to 4 th year college
students, parents, and guardians as well as other viewers from the SPCIS Facebook Page.

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